Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trip Back to Rhoscolyn

Well by now the new windows & doors should have been in, but they have been delayed as Paul has had some stuff at home to deal with.. So now I am being told they're going in 5th December and that all work will be complete by the 12th. It better be, cos last night I booked flights back home for 17th - 21st Dec to check that everything's OK, and to do any redecoration if required. Wasn't planning to come back this early but Emirates had reasonable flight prices and I would like to get everything sorted out before Christmas.

Already can't wait for it. Other than checking the windows & doors, I can take a few bits & pieces back home from here (like the famous dual iPod dock), get measured up for new bedroom wardrobes, do an Ikea on the way from Manchester airport, and make sure that most things are in place (including the Walkers/ Cyclists Welcome award) for the next grading which we'll coincide with our family Easter trip home.

Looking forward to the cold!

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