Monday, October 20, 2008

Improved Y Stabl Availability using Google Calendar

My boss at work was telling me the other day about how her whole family uses Google Calendar to avoid clashes with family visits/ holidays etc. So Rosie and I tried it out, and it is pretty cool. Then I realised that a couple of things:

  1. That we can set up online 'Y Stabl' calendars to show our availability, and this can be updated by any one of us from anywhere with web access;
  2. That we can configure the rights to these calendars to make them private of public or whatever, and
  3. That Google has APIs to embed these calendars into a website and customise the appearance. So when the relevant Google Calendar is updated, the website automatically picks up the change when it is loaded.

So I set this up last night to reflect our latest availability and included costs for the 'available' slots, and replaced our existing 'availability' table with this cool interactive widget. Very pleased with the neat result!

Google rocks.

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