Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anglesey Tourism Awards 2009

We've finished off our entry for the 2009 Anglesey Tourism Awards (Best Self-Catering Accommodation) which is organised by the Anglesey Tourism Association (ATA). I thought we should try to put in a decent entry if we have any chance of getting a mention as there are much nicer houses than ours, and one of the key things the judges look for seems to be how much effort has been put into the entry.. The questionnaire covers topics like: improvements & expenditure, environmental & sustainability, marketing & attracting business, occupancy, customer care, training etc. So our entry is 45 pages long and contains loads of scans/ screen dumps of various thing that should help the judges look favourably on us.

The prize is basically publicity which we could well do with to help us increase off-peak occupancy/ rents, which will pay for more upgrades to the house..

The link to our entry PDF is here (big file warning).
Deadline for entries is 31st October.
Fingers crossed!

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