Saturday, October 4, 2008

Online Payment; Newsletter1

Ah well yet another late night (1am) in front of the PC followed by kids-jumping-on-bed -at-dawn situation but it was hopefully worth it.. I got our online PayPal/ credit card payment buttons fixed up on the website under a new page, and can now offer online payment for every available week in 2009. Was a bit fiddly and doesn't look too neat, but it's a first effort and functional- hopefully it will work out. It will mean that I won't need to use eBay Shop (where I get charged for the adverts and for having the shop regardless of any sales) to sell fixed-price lets.

Also today Rosie (Resident DTP Queen) got our first issue of our Y Stabl Newsletter sorted and we mailed it to our previous & future guests and the local TICs (Holyhead & Llanfair PG). I also stuck it on our website and put link on the front page. So far in the way of responses I've got 2 x 'out of office', 1 x 'undeliverable' and a note back from Holyhead TIC saying - literally- "thanks for the newsletter". It would be good to get higher occupancy around May - June period next year as these week seem to be quiet although the weather can be good then.


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