Sunday, October 5, 2008

Silver Bay Access

Well my great staycation is over and I'm back at work. Update on other things I got round to on my final days off:

In August we had a complaint/ moan from some of our guests who were denied access to Silver Bay. It's not clear whether they weren't allowed access to the Club or through the road to Silver Bay beach, and their emails are bouncing so I can't check exactly what they weren't happy about. But I asked the Silver Bay administration to clarify their position on Silver Bay non-residents getting in, and this is their response:

Dear Mr Griffiths,

I am pleased to reply to your email in order to clarify the situation.

We have never denied access to the Silver Bay Clubs to anyone living or staying locally. All we ask is that if they are not members they make themselves known to the bar staff who will ensure that they are signed
in as guests to comply with the licensing laws. In fact we welcome holiday visitors and are pleased to provide them with a friendly, reasonably priced alternative to the White Eagle. Perhaps a note in your cottage to this effect would make things clear to your clients.

The position regarding access through the site to Silver Bay Beach is different, and I think one of your customers may be referring to this in particular. Silver Bay is a private site with no public right of way through it. We are constantly asked by members of the public for access to the beach and our policy is to treat all those approaches with a polite but firm denial. If we did not do so the site would be flooded with people wanting to drive or walk through, and that would not be fair to our residents who are the ones paying for the facilities here. Access to
Silver Bay beach can be gained via the coastal path from Rhoscolyn, or down the public footpath through the woods at the end of Fly Lane. Borthwen Beach at Rhoscolyn is, of course, a public one with access freely available to anyone.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding and enables you to
make things clear to your guests, but if there is anything further you would like to discuss by all means give me a call.

Kind regards
Stephen Knight

I didn't know about the no public right of way to Silver Beach so am glad I asked, and have clarified the situation on our website for future guests..

Now that I have realised the Anglesey Coastal Path goes straight past the house, I have also realised that there are at least 7 different (directions, lengths etc) walks - using the Coastal Path and with a pub stop (or detour) - that are possible by starting & finishing at our house. I sent Anglesey Walking Holidays a note last night to see if they would be interested in some kind of collaboration/ partnership. I just got an email back saying they are interested although they usually use B&Bs, and will get in touch again in November when they do the rounds. Cool.

I got a note back from Tripadvisor this morning saying our site has been accepted for submission and details will be uploaded soon - this is good as well.

I'm also wondering whether I should use Google Checkout instead of the PayPal checkout.. The Google rates are lower (2% vs. >3%) and we would get a cool checkout badge showing up on our Google advert if we used Google Checkout..

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