Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feedburner, Adsense, Dedon $$$

I spoke to Paul yesterday and he says that the new double-glazed windows & doors are still on track for mid-November. Also making the stable door full-length and reinforcing the stone arch should happen this week..

I think our site is looking quite nice now, although there's still a few changes I'd like to get on there if I can improve my HTML/ CSS/ scripting skills. I decided to remove the Google Adsense adverts from our site as it looks a bit crap having other people's ads on there, and the revenue in (about $2 a month) is too low to even notice any benefit or offset the cost of advertising on Adwords. So they are gone (for now). Maybe one day many years from now when I am getting 100,000 hits a day (yeah right) I'll pop them back in..

I also added a Feedburner symbol on the website for feeding to this blog, in case anyone is interested..

Went to that shop in Bareeq Al Shatti that sells the Dedon stuff today to have a look at the furniture & prices- the Obelisk was over 2,000 rials (about £3,000) so unlikely we'll be getting that anytime soon.. I had a good idea that would be pricy as it's their signature piece, but I though the plainer range of chairs etc would be cheaper- they are about the same price. The 'Leaf' lounger is about 1,000 rials.

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